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Nano technology is one of the most important future technologies. Therefore the German Ministry of Scientific Research and Development has presented their new action plan called "Nano Initiative 2010". Instead of the yet existing motto "higher and farther" they proclame a new one "smaller and faster". Nano technology explores the world of the very small parts. One nanometer is one millionth part of a millimeter - the diameter of a human hair is five thousand times bigger. There exist manifold application areas of this new technology. Besides the future developments of this technology deeply influence the development of other future-oriented sectors.

One of the most experienced companies in the field of applied nano technology, the SELECT°NANO International GmbH, expands continuously worldwide. The Company has started in 2005 and is increasing their influence on the world market steadily.

The SELECT°NANO sealing system effects a tremendous increase of value. Dieter Swoboda, managing director of SELECT°NANO International: "To get a tremendous and long lasting sealing effect the preparation of the treated surface is one of the most important step in the nano-sealing process. Done in a perfect manner the SELECT°NANO system leads to a unique protection against environmental influences as dirt, chemical and other polluting residues. So far the SELECT°NANO sealing system provides an extremly good and long lasting protection of surfaces as vehicle paint and others. It smoothes the surface and reduces the adhesion significantly. For example you can switch off your windscreen wiper if you drive faster then 70 km/h due to the fact that the water drops cannot attach any more to your windscreen. They fly away from your screen like being moved away by an invisible hand.

In general a nano treated surface becomes up to 30% more scratch resistant and dirt-repellent. For example the car paint of a vehicle becomes so shiny after every car wash as if it was high gloss polished and brand new."

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