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January 2011
Bugatti Veyron

Hamad Al Noaimi, owner of the AL WESAM CAR CARE Group from Qatar is always on track to find the best protection and care products for cars. Therefore he found SELECT°NANO and to get an impression how this works he visited SELECT°NANO Dubai. After this visit he decided to become our SELECT°NANO Partner in Qatar.
We wish him and his team a successful start.

AL WESAM CAR CARE (see picture) is one of the most important car care company in Qatar with subsidiaries in other countries in the Middle East.

February 2010
Bugatti Veyron

One of or perhaps the most expensive and powerful car in the wolrd - the Bugatti Veyron - was nano-sealed at SELECT°NANO Dubai. The car has more than 1000 bhp/nhp and is worth more than 1.4 Mio Euro. SELECT°NANO is proud to seal this wonderful car.

July 2009
New SELECT°NANO Station in Munich, Germany

"Before I offer my customers this sealing I of course test it first on my car". At the beginning of year 2009 Alex Koehler, owner of the company 4MYCAR started with this words the test of the SELECT°NANO sealing at his own car. 4MYCAR is famous for his high quality approach because Alex Koehler is a perfectionist. His requirements to car paint and surface treatment are one of the highest. Thats the reason while he refuses to make advertising. "New customers come to me because my fully satisfied customers recommend me. This is the best way of advertising", he says with a smile in his face. And he has a lot of work to do with his team. We are very happy that the SELECT°NANO sealing has fulfilled his requirements and that he is very thrilled about it.
Welcome Alex and your team. We wish you a good start and a lot of success with SELECT°NANO.

April 2009
A new SELECT°NANO Station starts in the north of Frankfurt, in Friedberg, Germany

With a lot of knowledge in the car business a talented team of young entrepreneurs started their new business in Friedberg near Frankfurt. Tim Ligner and Alexandros Caiteris founded the company Automobil Consulting, which is specialised in car treatment. "We were very interested in the SELECT°NANO sealing system because we know that our customers are very challenging and quality-oriented. We found that the SELECT°NANO sealing system fulfills our customers needs in a perfect manner. It fits perfectly in our car treatment portfolio. It is a system, which produces a high quality surface protection. High quality is our philosophy and that is why we choosed SELECT°NANO as our partner." Meanwhile their business is booming.
Congratulation Tim and Alexandos. We guess you made the right choice.

January 2009
SELECT°NANO with new, international Partner in Dubai, Unites Arab Emirates

While signed some month ago the new partner in Dubai will start his SELECT°NANO business in March 2009. The SELECT°NANO Team stayed already 5 days in Dubai in December 2008 for preparational purposes and to support the local partner.

December 2008
SELECT°NANO with new, international Partner for the Baltic States

The former SELECT°NANO partner in Latvia expands his license for the whole baltic area. Additionaly his license was extended to make surface sealings for yachts, boats in the Baltic States. Companies who are interested in that application field are welcome to cooperate.

December 2007
SELECT°NANO with new, international Partner for Latvia

We are proud to announce that SELECT°NANO International gets SIA SELECT°NANO LV as a new partner in Latvia.

September 2007
SELECT°NANO with new, international Partner in Baku, Aserbeidschan

In september 2007 SELECT°NANO International has signed the franchise agreement with her new partner in Baku, Aserbaidschan.

A new partnership with Baku sounds remarkable. The increasing demand in the fast growing capital of aserbaidschan and in the fast growing economies in the eastern regions still becomes more and more important. Our international expansion is still going on.

Starting Up - 100 Geschäftsideen (100 Business Ideas)
Edition Sep/Oct/Nov 2007

SELECT°NANO surface sealing protects your vehicle with nano technology against dirt, and other weater impact. (In German language)

» Here you can get the report as pdf-file: Download PDF [395 KB]

Nano without tricks
Report from Thomas Seidenstücker in journal "Autohaus" - No. 18 from 24th september 2007

SELECT°NANO differentiates herself with a unique franchise concept, unique products and extraordinary warranty from other suppliers of car sealing products.

(In German language)

»Here you can get the report as pdf-file: Download PDF [515 KB]
One additional online presence from SELECT°NANO is the Franchiseportal. Here potential partners can inform themselves about SELECT°NANO, the products, applications and conditions.
(In German language)

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