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In the field of marine applications, the nano-technology becomes more and more a growing field. The main reason is because of its long-lasting protection of surface against fading, dirt, shells and algae but also because of the environmental friendly performance of SELECT°NANO. The resulting, ultrafine, transparent surface becomes smoother and harder, without losing its elasticity.

For boats, there are many potential applications, such as:

  • Antifouling for the hull (lower hull of the boat)
  • GelCoat coating surfaces (over / under water)
  • Coating of the sails, propellers
  • Coating of the decks (GelCoat or hardwood)

In particular, the coating of the hull gets increasing popularity. Because the SELECT°NANO coating has a clear superiority of over conventional anti-fouling. The surface is considerably longer free from algae and mussels, thus reducing the sliding friction and therefore enhances the speed of the boat and reduces fuel consumption. In addition, lower maintenance intervals are required.

Unlike traditional coatings, the SELECT°NANO coating is environmental-friendly and without toxic substances. It effects neither the vehicle nor water during cleaning and do not produce "colored" sewage. For cleaning any aggressive cleaner is needed. The SELECT°NANO coating is safe to handle and harmful to health.

SELECT°NANO coatings are both appropriate for use in fresh water, as in salt water.