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The functional characteristics of surfaces can be modified by nano technology in many ways. One of the most famous and common effects is the lotus effect. This effect contains a self-cleaning water- and dirt-repelling surface structure which now can be also realized on other surfaces while using nano fluids.

But meanwhile also other functionalities can be artifically created by nano technology e.g. to harden the surface, to make it more resitant against corrosion, weathering effects, UV light and other environmental influences. This leads to more durability, security and protection. Besides the design of water-repellent surface structures also oil- and grease repellent surfaces can be designed.

The SELECT°NANO technology was used to

  • increase machine productivity
  • reduce friction
  • create different types of resistant surface structures
  • increase speed of ships and planes
  • reduce maintenance costs
  • optimize the characteristics of materials e.g. concrete, stone and other mineral-based materials
  • UV protection and others

The appilcation possibilities are manifold and flexibel. Standard products can be refined and new application areas can be captured.

Besides nano sealed surfaces can create a competitive advantage against competitive products and effect a certain gain of value.

We hope that we could raise your interest in our nano technology. If you want to know how you can rais ethe value of your product then please call us or send us an e-mail. We support our clients form the very first beginning till their market success.