Nano technology - explore the future now

SELECT°NANO stands for nano high performance coatings.

How it works
"made by nature" and adopted from science to practical applications. Our nanobionic surface coatings work on an micromolecular basis.They attach to the molecular structure of the surface, fill the macromolecular gaps and coat and harden the surface. The nanobionic fluid has to be applied on a clean uncontaminated surface. After applicated with a spray gun, paint brush or lint-free cloth the nano-fluid needs some time to fully attach on the surface and build a molecular crosslinked structure. After the finishing of the crosslinked structure the surface is fully covered and well-protected. Now the surface was refined with a coating with specific customized characteristics such as the ability to repel water, dirt and other particles significantly better. This effect is also known as lotus effect.

Through his ability to adapt to the surface and build a crosslinked nano-structure SELECT°NANO is highly dedicated for long term protection. Another caracteristic of the nano-coating is that the coating structure can be modified in different ways. The most popular effect is the lotus effect where the surface structure of the famous lotus plant was reproduced by the nano-coating. While it is water-repellent (hydrophobic) and dirt-repellant the coating gets a self-cleaning effect. Usually the nano-fluid is combined with silicate to harden the surface up to 30% and therefore makes it more scratch resistant. The surface structure can also be modified to be grease-repellent and oil-repellent (oleophobic). Through his ultrafine surface structure it is furthermore antiseptic. This makes it difficult for germs and micro-organisms to attach to the surface.

We refine surfaces as metal, glass, plastic, paint, stone et al. We are able to optimize the surface behaviour with different customer-specific functions such as water-repellent or oliophobic e.g. anti-finger-print, self-cleaning, ultraviolet protection etc.

Team & Experience
SELECT°NANO was founded in year 2005. Since that time we work intensively with nano technology in different areas starting in the automotive industry and vehicle refinement. Meanwhile we are involved in several projects concerning nautic, aeronautic, industrial, wood and other industries. In every case our experience guarantee a extraordinairy benefit and an attractive price-value ratio for our customers. We are bound to high quality "Made in Germany".

Nano imitating products
There exist other "pseudo-nano" products, which are based o silicone, oil, acryl or teflone. These products were often named "nano" but cannot effect a real persistent nano-coating. They create a quite nice effect but did last only for a short time. Therefore you have to renew them quite often. Some of them are also environmentally critical.
The seemingly cheaper and faster products start to become inefficent and pricy.

Nano technology is a basic technology with a strong impact on nearly all areas of industry. Therefore nano technology was focussed by the German government as a core field of future technology development. The applications of nano technology continously increase and affect industry sectors as in textile, medicine, production, electronics, facility improvement and others.

Therefore nano technology will have a strong influence on all aspects of daily life and products.