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Franchise and Licenses

SELECT°NANO International provides different license models depending on the different purposes of interested people and/or companies as follows:

1) Single franchise license

2) Service partner license

3) Master-/ Country franchise license

1) The single franchise license was designed for entrepreneurs, which want to build-up a SELECT°NANO station. This license focusses on single locations, which must be designed in the SELECT°NANO-specific way and also should take respect to other guidelines concerning the product range and services. Exclusivity can be defined and granted.

2) The service partner license was designed for entrepreneurs, which want to add the SELECT°NANO business into their already existing business. Therefore one of the major points is the most efficient integration of the SELECT°NANO products and services into the already existing product and service portfolio of the potential partner.

3) A master- or country franchise license can be assigned for a country, region or area. The franchisor is obliged to develop his country or region in cooperation with SELECT°NANO International. Therefore a common developmetn plan is being defined and agreed by both parties. The master- or country franchise license typically is an exclusive agreement.

If you want to know more about our license programs, then please give us a call or write us to:

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