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The SELECT°NANO sealing system effects veritable and high professional results, which are strongly used in the automotive sector.

Here are some worth-knowing examples:

Long-term Protection with Warranty

To get and to keep the shiny effect of your car paint for a long time is a question of professional pretreatmet and application of nano-fluid. Conventional products are mostly easy to use but do not last very long. The paint sealing must be renewed often to keep the shiny and protective effect.

The application of the SELECT°NANO system take some time but therefore last much longer than other sealing techniques and products and is more resistant against mechanical, chemical and other influences.

Glass Coating

While driving faster than 70 km/h raindrops cannot attach to the wind screen they immediately roll off. The wind screen wiper can be switched off. The driver has a considerably improved sight. Especially in critical situations as e.g. while passing trucks this repellent effect improves the sight in an outstanding way. Besides in winter the ice scraping becomes much more easier due to the absolute clear nano sealed glass surface.

Wheel Rim Coating

SELECT°NANO technology protects the wheel rims of burned in break dust. The weel rims can be cleaned very easily with pure water and a soft brush or towel. There is no need to use agressive and environmentally harmful cleaners any more.

„Easy-to-clean“ Effect

Despite the lotus plant like self-cleaning effect the vehicle has to be cleaned from time to time. Ideally the car wash should be made by hand only with pure water and a very smooth brush or towel. This reduces the pollution of the environment with chemical detergents. After the car wash the vehicle gets back his high gloss shining surface.

In general the SELECT°NANO coating effects an extremly thin and coating surface structure which redures the adhesion of any contaminants and strongly repells water and other fluids. Therefore coated surfaces becomes "easy-to-clean".

Protection against Environmental Influences

Protection against weathering, UV light, bird droppings and other environmental influences. Especially in winter it protects against salt and reduces the adhesion of ice and snow on the vehicle surface.

Verifiable Increase of Value

THE SELECT°NANO Sealing leads to a verifiable increase of the market value of your vehicle. The vehicle was kept in his well-condition for a long time. This is the reason why a lot of oldtimer fans are very delighted to SELECT°NANO.